Spirit of sportsmanship shines on ‘Sports Day’

Spirit of sportsmanship shines on ‘Sports Day’

We rejoice in this wonderful fellowship event organised by the Youth Centre.

On Sunday 21 January, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted the year’s first Sports Day.  Over 60 youths and Dhamma School students had an exciting morning at Taman Tasik Sri Serdang putting to test their skills in effective communicating, ability to work in teams and camaraderie.

Mixing like milk and water, the 2 groups was quick to integrate and work together to strategise, whilst also encouraging each other to try their best.  Although the games were competitive, the youths and students grasped that it wasn’t about winning or losing, but that they tried their best and looked after each other well.

Explaining the rules.

Briefing at the start of the day.

Bro. Disheng also gave a Dhamma sharing to set the right tone.

Warming up to get ready for the games.

Kudos to the young ones for truly embracing the spirit of sportsmanship.  Their display of important qualities of fairness, respect and care towards others are praiseworthy.  Sadhu!

Cooling down after all the games.

Team photos.

Team photos.

Awarding tokens of appreciation to individuals for their good spirit and values.

Thank you to the organising committee!

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