Spirited meeting of Nalandian youths

Spirited meeting of Nalandian youths

Nalanda Youth Centre officers and members with Mentor Bro. Vincent Lee after their meeting.

On Sunday 10 March, young Nalandians came together for an upbeat first Members’ Day of the year at Nalanda Youth Centre in Sri Serdang.  Members’ Day is held periodically to update youth members about the latest developments at Nalanda, and to share inspiring lessons and success stories with each other.

During the gathering, Mentor Bro. Vincent Lee reminded youth members that everyone plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of the Centre.  Members should develop willpower, unity and harmony – these factors contribute to the spread of Buddha-Sāsana.

Youth Leader Jie Sheng sharing about the ‘Courage to Lead and to Change’.

Youth Leader, Bro Lim Jie Sheng gave a sharing on Nalanda Youth Centre’s motto – ‘Courage to Lead and to Change’ – and paid tribute to members who continue to serve the community selflessly, putting into good practice one of Nalanda’s Core Values – “Service”.

Bro. Tan dropped in at the meeting to give encouragement to the youths.

Youth officers giving a presentation at the meeting.

Nalanda founder Bro. Tan also dropped in at the meeting and advised youths to support one another in the path of Dhamma.  He said youths need not spend so much effort in trying to fit in with their worldly peers; instead they should have the courage to be ‘outstanding’.

It was a delightful and enjoyable session with lots of laughter and insightful discussions. A big ‘Thank You’ to all members for coming together in ‘Samaggi’, and in practising Dhamma together as one big family!  Sadhu anumodana.

Members discussing their annual action plans and programmes.