Spiritual cultivation at Eight-Precept Programme

Spiritual cultivation at Eight-Precept Programme

We thank all participants and volunteers for making this Uposatha day such a memorable event.

On 13 October, the full-moon Uposatha Day of Assayuja month, over 120 participants devoted a day to Dhamma learning and contemplation in the Eight-Precept Programme at Nalanda Centre.  Led by Nalanda founder Bro. Tan, the preceptees learned in greater detail the purpose and practice of this noble observance.

On Uposatha Days, we can intensify our spiritual practice by restraining from unwholesome activities and renouncing attachments to sensual delights.  We dedicate more time to perform wholesome activities, reflect in accordance to Dhamma, establish mindfulness and tranquility, and strengthen our resolve to lead a noble way of life.

Participants observed the Eight Precepts at 8.30 am and continued with their learning and cultivation until 8.30 pm.

Bro. Tan explaining the practice of giving thanks and reflecting on the purpose of taking food.

Bro. Tan also expounded on the five hindrances to our spiritual practice and ways to overcome them.

Meditation sittings helped participants to calm their minds and develop tranquility.

Many participants clarified their doubts and sought advice on overcoming hindrances to their spiritual practice.

Devotees were reminded that when we observe our precepts well, we free ourselves from remorse.  We thank Bro. Tan for guiding participants to establish proper understanding in observing this practice.  Sadhu!