Spiritual significance of ‘Dāna’

Spiritual significance of ‘Dāna’

Report by Chan Jia Xin.
The ‘Pindacāra’ programme in Seri Kembangan.

The ‘Pindacāra’ programme in Seri Kembangan takes place every third Saturday of the month.

On Saturday 17 December 2016, Nalandian volunteers and devotees gathered with much enthusiasm for the educational ‘Pindacāra’ programme in Seri Kembangan.  Market-goers once again had the opportunity to offer food to two venerable monks from the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple.

Volunteers actively crisscrossed the market explaining to curious on-lookers about the wholesome practice of alms-giving.  Due to frequent public engagement, this wonderful monthly programme has been well-received by the local community in Seri Kembangan.

Nalandian volunteers engaging with market-goers.

Nalandian volunteers engaging with market-goers to explain the significance of this ancient, wholesome practice of alms-giving.


As devotees and practitioners who regularly perform dāna, it is beneficial for us to reflect on its true value from time to time.  In a recent Dhamma teaching given at Nalanda Centre, Venerable Ñanukkamsa said, “When we won the battle over our craving and attachment, we perform dāna – otherwise we would not give.”  It was highlighted that the value of dāna is not in the cost of the gift, but in how much we have ‘won’ over our attachment.

The monthly alms-round has been warmly received by the local community.

Due to frequent public engagement, the monthly alms-round has been warmly received and actively participated by the local community.

Thus we should not be giving out of sheer ‘habit’; we should instead recollect its true significance each time we make offerings.  Reflecting so, we can develop Right Understanding and Right Intention as part of our spiritual practice.

As such, let us continue to perform wholesome offerings regularly and meaningfully.  Sadhu anumodana!

The ‘Pindacāra’ programme ended with a blessing by venerable monks.

The ‘Pindacāra’ programme ended with a blessing by venerable monks to volunteers and devotees at the market-place.


The educational ‘Pindacāra’ programme in Seri Kembangan will be held this Saturday, 18 February, starting at 8.30am.  All are welcome to offer cooked vegetarian food to the venerable monks on alms-round.