Sponsorship for Administrative Centre

Sponsorship for Administrative Centre

An artist’s impression of Wisdom Park Administrative Centre under Phase 1 construction.

‘Wisdom Park’ was conceived in 2015 as an integrated educational and training facility to train future Buddhist leaders and lay Dhamma teachers.  The growth and development of Malaysian Buddhism depends on the availability of these two essential factors – good leaders and effective teachers.

Phase 1 of Wisdom Park (2018 – 2020) involves constructing 4 buildings – 3 guest lodges to accommodate trainees, and one administrative centre building.  The 9,000 square feet administrative centre currently under construction will house the management office, volunteer office, accommodation for teachers, and space for meeting/training activities.


Sponsorship of Ground-Floor Pillars

File picture of the Administrative Centre under construction at Wisdom Park.

We would like to offer everyone an opportunity to sponsor 31 pillars on the ground floor of the administrative centre, costing RM2,000 each.  The 31 pillars represent “31 realms of existence” where beings are reborn throughout our Samsāric journey.  The sponsorship of these 31 pillars signifies our support towards Buddha-Sāsana, so that Buddha’s teaching may reach all beings in every realm.

In addition to the 31 pillars, there are two main pillars fronting the building which you can sponsor for RM3,600 each.  These two main pillars represent “Compassion” and “Wisdom” – two qualities we should be equipped with to help sentient beings find liberation from Samsāra.


Sponsorship can be made at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang, or via bank transfer to:

Nalanda Buddhist Society
Maybank account number : 5121-4702-3622

Your support towards the Wisdom Park project will go a long way in the development of future Buddhist leaders and teachers in Malaysia.  Thank you very much!


For more information, kindly visit Wisdom Park website at www.wisdompark.org