Sponsorship of windows for KSDC

Seen here are niches for the 10 louvre windows in the Dhamma Teaching Hall.

Having heard and learnt Buddha-Dhamma, we know for certain how beneficial it is for our own development of character and wisdom.  As such, would you like to offer other people a window to the world of Dhamma, too?

You can grant many other people great blessings to learn Dhamma by sponsoring the construction of ‘K. Sri Dhammananda Centre’ in Sri Serdang, which is being built to cater for the expansion of Nalanda Dhamma School.

As of 28 March, construction of the Centre is estimated to be 63% completed.

The new Dhamma-learning facility will be able to accommodate 120 students and teachers comfortably.  It is expected to be operational by 31 August 2018, and officially launched later in the year.  The Centre is named after Nalanda’s late Spiritual Adviser – Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Thero – whose birth centenary we had just celebrated on 18 March 2018.

Large sliding windows in the Dhamma Teaching Hall will be installed here.

You can help by sponsoring the installation of windows, at RM200 per piece.  Below is the list of windows at the Centre and their locations:

12 full-height windows in the Main Shrine Hall
10 louvre windows in the Dhamma Teaching Hall
6 large sliding windows in the Dhamma Teaching Hall
6 louvre windows in two students’ rooms
6 louvre windows in teachers’ office
6 louvre windows at the staircase
5 louvre windows in the services room
3 louvre windows in the kitchen
1 louvre window in the washroom

Please help us complete this school facility to train future generations of Buddhist leaders and teachers.  Contributions can be made at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang, or via bank transfer to:

“Nalanda Buddhist Society”

Maybank account number : 5121-4702-3622

Thank you very much for your kind support!  Sadhu anumodana.

The Centre is expected to be operational by 31 August, and will be officially launched later this year.