Staying firm when things fall apart

Staying firm when things fall apart

Achariya Vijaya illustrated the Buddha’s teachings through many stories for Nalandians and devotees to better understand.

On Sunday 17 September, Achariya S. Vijaya gave a rousing talk on how we can stay firm in facing the eight winds in life, especially when challenges arise.  If the mind is untrained, it flutters like the leaf blown by the wind, because it reacts impulsively based on our likes or dislikes.  As Buddhists, we can develop the mind, through learning, practising and realising the profound Dhamma, so that we can distance ourselves from unwholesome mental factors.

When we learn and understand the realities of life taught by the Buddha, we strive to develop mindfulness in every moment to manage our emotions and reactions.  In this way, we can stay as firm as a rock regardless of the circumstance, as well as not cause harm to ourselves and others.  To learn more from Ach. Vijaya, you may access the talk at this link 

Offerings to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

The congregation chanted together at the start of the service.

We cannot change the workings of nature and the coming of the eight winds, but we can react to it as guided by the Buddha.

Devotees are grateful to Ach. VIjaya and chanted ‘Sadhu’ resoundingly.

Devotees had the opportunity to ask questions.

After the talk, the youths and adult group had reflection sessions.

The Svagatam Inspiring Programme participants had their final reflection session.

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