Dhamma Study during School holidays

Dhamma Study during School holidays

Three batches of students came during holidays for training on Buddhist teachings and Pāli chanting.

During the recent school holidays from 9 to 11 June, Nalanda Dharma School (NDS) organized special study groups for 3 batches of students to enhance their doctrinal knowledge as well as to prepare them for the Dharma School’s year-end examinations.

The ‘Navaka’, ‘Kumara’, and ‘Majjhima’ stage students came on different days to learn about Buddhist teachings, the ‘Dhammapada’ and Pāli chanting, guided by Director of NDS, Sis. Sunanda.  Dhamma discussions were also conducted to clear doubts the students had about doctrinal points.

Director of Nalanda Dharma School Sis. Sunanda guiding the students on doctrinal understanding.

The teenage-students had fruitful learning in their group studies.  We are also happy to see senior students coming back during the school-break to help cook and prepare meals for others.  May the learning and practice of Dhamma continue to flourish at Nalanda Dharma School.  Sadhu anumodana!

During their stay, students and teacher dedicated merits of their wholesome deeds to victims of the recent Sabah earthquake, which killed 18 climbers on Mount Kinabalu.