Study Tours & Pilgrimage

Study Tours & Pilgrimage

Study Tours & Pilgrimage

2011-2012 marks the auspicious 2,600th Anniversary of Buddhism. Nalanda is commemorating this pivotal milestone with special study tours to Borobudur in July, and to Sri Lanka in September; followed by a pilgrimage to India and Nepal in December 2012. All these tours will be led by our Founder Bro. H S Tan.

Bro. Tan is well-known for his vast knowledge on Buddhism and his deep understanding of history, culture and Buddhist heritage. Participants in Nalanda’s previous tours have rated their trips as ‘most enjoyable, greatly enriching and highly educational’! Details of the study tours and pilgrimage are as follows :

5-Day Study Tour to Borobudur & Yogjakarta

6 – 10 July 2012

Get to know and see Borobudur – the largest Buddhist monument in the world – with its history and mystery! Visit some lovely vihāras (temples) – both ancient and modern – and meet with inspiring local Buddhist communities in Yogjakarta, Solo and Klaten.

7-Day Study Tour to Sri Lanka

9 – 16 September 2012

Enjoy the splendours of Sri Lanka’s rich Buddhist heritage with visits to some of the most sacred sites of Buddhism, such as the Tooth Relic Temple in Kandy, the oldest Bodhi Tree in Anuraddhapura, and many more historical monuments that simply take our breath away!

12-Day Pilgrimage to India & Nepal

1 – 12 December 2012

Embark on a 12-day spiritual trip to the holy sites of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, first discourse, and passing away, under caring spiritual guidance and with detailed commentaries.

We noticed from past experience that registrations for such tours were very competitive. Therefore kindly register early if you are interested. Please note that you should have an international passport which is valid for at least six months before the date of traveling. You may write in to for enquiries and registration. The Institute will contact successful applicants through e-mail with details of the tour/pilgrimage. Thank you!