Sunday Talk by Datuk Charlie Chia

Sunday Talk by Datuk Charlie Chia

Datuk Charlie Chia talked about the human condition relative to ‘Kamma’ and its effect.

On Sunday 23 November, devotees were delighted to learn about the Buddha’s teaching on ‘cause and effects’.  Speaker Datuk Charlie Chia skillfully explained human conditions relative to ‘Kamma’.  All beings are owners and heirs to the effects of their actions.  Therefore, by maintaining wholesome actions, we are nurturing good conditions for our future well-being.

Nalanda’s Deputy President, Bro. Lee Teck Beng, leading the congregation in Pūja – offerings to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

The teaching of the Buddhas can be summarized thus – “to avoid evil, cultivate goodness, and to purify one’s own mind”.  We thank Datuk Charlie Chia for the informative and beneficial sharing with everyone.  Sadhu anumodana!

Sis. Mei Yee presenting a token of appreciation to Datuk Charlie Chia after his engaging talk.