Supporting the “Four-fold Assembly”

Ven. Ayya Santinī (middle) joyfully meeting Ven. Dhammadinnā (second from right) and Ven. Sumangalā (left) who came to meet her at Nalanda Centre.

Recently, Nalanda had the good fortune of hosting Ven. Ayya Santinī from Maribaya, Indonesia, who was accompanied on her visit here by several Indonesian devotees.  While residing at Nalanda Centre, she gave several teachings and conducted personal interviews with devotees.  We were also honoured to receive Venerables Dhammadinnā and Sumangalā who came to meet Ayya Santinī in Sri Serdang.

With the observance of “International Bhikkhunī Day” yesterday, we joyfully recollect Nalanda’s support for the Bhikkhunī Sangha since our inception in 2003.  It is our fervent wish to see a thriving “Four-fold Assembly” of ‘bhikkhus’ (monks), ‘bhikkhunīs’ (nuns), ‘upasaka’ (laymen) and ‘upasikā’ (lay women), all eager and skillful in learning, practising, and propagating the Buddha-Dhamma.  This would indeed be for the long-term benefit and happiness of the world!

Nalandian devotees mindfully and respectfully offering lunch to the three venerables.