Sutta Study on Buddha Day

Register now for the Sutta Study session on Buddha Day, Sunday 19 May.

The Buddha’s teaching was passed down in the form of discourses and sermons (Sutta).  Before passing away, the Buddha reminded His disciples that, “the Dhamma and Vinaya I have set forth and laid down for you shall be your teacher after I am gone…”  Thus, He enshrined the Dhamma-Vinaya as the guiding principle in one’s conduct and practice towards liberation.

Hence, it is essential that we learn and explore the suttas to develop Right Understanding.  We invite you to register for a Sutta Study session this Buddha Day (Sunday, 19 May) from 3.00pm to 4.30pm at Nalanda Centre.  There will be insightful teachings by Bro. Tan on selected passages from the Pāli Canon to broaden and deepen our comprehension of the Buddha’s teachings.

Interested participants should e-mail or Whatsapp to 016-338 3982 stating just your name and contact number. Participation is free, and everyone is welcome to register. Thank you.