Talk at S.M.K. Desa Mahkota

Talk at S.M.K. Desa Mahkota

Senior school officers with Sis. Sunanda and Nalanda youths.

S.M.K. Desa Mahkota Principal Hjh Maznah (seated middle) and senior school officers with Sis. Sunanda and Nalanda youths.

On Friday 1 July, Director of Nalanda Dhamma School Sis. Sunanda Ong was invited to S.M.K. Desa Mahkota, Kuala Lumpur, to participate in ‘Program Kerohanian Sekolah’ for 300 sixth-form students.  Sis. Sunanda gave a talk on the ‘Importance of Having a Belief’ where she introduced the basics of Buddhist spirituality – that it was a way of life to reduce our distress, and ultimately to end all suffering.  She also spoke about the ‘Three Refuges’ and the Buddha’s ‘Middle Path’ to Enlightenment.

Sis. Sunanda highlighted the importance of being ‘spirited’ and reminded the students to maintain energy and passion in completing their tasks despite facing difficulties.  She concluded by saying that both ‘spirit’ and ‘spirituality’ are essential for true well-being in life.

Sis. Sunanda giving talk to teachers and students.

Sis. Sunanda giving a talk to teachers and students about the basics of Buddhist spirituality.

Nalanda youths in action.

Three Nalanda youths accompanied Sis. Sunanda to the programme and they also led some activities to warm up the crowd.

Part of the audience.

The talk was attended by more than 300 teachers and sixth-form students.

We would like to express our appreciation to the teachers of S.M.K. Desa Mahkota in having deep concern for the spiritual well-being of their students and for organizing this special programme.  We also wish for the holistic success of all students from the school.

Engaging in various activities.

The crowd was engaged with various activities during the talk.