Thai forest monks visit Wisdom Park

Thai forest monks visit Wisdom Park

Venerable monks paid their respects at the shrine dedicated to Venerable Ajahn Chah.

On Tuesday 30 May,  we were honoured to host Luang Por Lai Thipadhammo, Luang Por Sawang Kalyāno, Luang Por Charlie Piyadhammo, Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno and Ajahn Meng Techadhammo at Wisdom Park.  The Venerable Sirs are from Ajahn Chah’s lineage and were on a busy Dhamma tour across Malaysia and Singapore.

The senior forest monks were introduced to the purpose of this educational facility dedicated to learning and practising Buddha-Dhamma, and toured the grounds accompanied by Nalanda members and volunteers.  They were delighted with the holistic facilities and tranquil parks, and expressed their joy over the potential of Wisdom Park as a space for Dhamma practice.

Members and volunteers joyfully receive monks at Wisdom Park.

Monks paying their respects at the Main Altar.

Ven. Alokavamsa and Ven. Mitta Devi were grateful for the opportunity to pay their respects to the senior monks at Wisdom Park.

Luang Por Sawang sharing his thoughts upon seeing Wisdom Park.

Members and volunteers shared a light moment with venerable monks.

We are grateful to Venerable Sirs for taking the time to visit Wisdom Park and giving us their blessings to achieve our objectives in developing more Dhamma teachers and leaders.  We wish all Luang Pors and Ajahns good health and strength in carrying out their Dhamma propagation efforts.

The monks learned more about the various structures and parks which aim to facilitate teaching and learning.

Luang Por Lai pointing out the ‘simpoh air’ which is also commonly available in Thailand.

Bro. Charlie shares the efforts of volunteers who came together to plant the trees, shrubs and grass in Wisdom Park.

A group photo at the shrine of Ajahn Chah.

Venerable Sangha chanting blessings for efforts to propagate Dhamma to be unhindered.

Members and volunteers bidding farewell to the venerable monks.

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