Thank you, Dads!

Thank you, Dads!

We invited fathers the forefront to thank them for their care, encouragement and guidance.

On Sunday 16 June, Nalanda Dhamma School students showered their fathers with love and gratitude in the Father’s Day celebration.  Students and devotees alike were filled with appreciation as everyone recollected the pivotal role that their father played in their lives.  This is especially so for fathers who not only enable their children to learn Dhamma, but have the compassion to actively provide and support Buddhist education for the children in the community.  We wish all fathers enjoy good health, peace and happiness!

Some fathers go the “extra mile”, especially Achariya Vijaya who extends his fatherly love and spirit by teaching Dhamma to so many members of the community.

Dhamma School Students wishing their fathers good health and happiness.

Everyone rejoiced in the love and appreciation that students showed for their fathers.

A big ‘Thank you’ to our fathers for your love and care for us!