Thank you to all Buddha Day volunteers

Thank you to all Buddha Day volunteers

Logistics team keeping everyone safe during the procession.

Volunteering in selfless service is a priviledge and practice which nurtures the heart.  In this year’s Buddha Day Observance B.E 2568, we were moved by this heartfelt altruism in all our 350 volunteers, as they served and persevered to effect Dhamma programmes at Nalanda for the community to honour the Buddha.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to you for your attentiveness, kindness, patience and care.  May your good deeds and intention bring about conducive conditions for you to realise your spiritual aspirations.  May you be well and happy always.

Volunteers hosting and ushering during the Blood Donation.

Thank you for your hard work in setting up the Buddhist flags at Nalanda Centre.

Volunteers together with staff of the National Blood Bank.

Dhamma School students preparing for the procession.

Thank you to brothers for providing the shuttle service.

Many thanks to our Mass Food Offering team for taking care of sustenance for everyone.

Helping to upkeep Nalanda Centre.

Thank you our forum speakers for sharing your experience at the Young Working Adults Forum.

Thank you to our team of photographers for capturing many lovely moments.

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