“Thank you, Volunteers!”

All work done cheerfully. "This is not my chore. This is my cultivation."

The successfully-concluded Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ took months of meticulous planning and preparations to come to fruition.  For that, we owe it to a small army of Nalandian volunteers who worked selflessly and tirelessly to organise the whole event.

The Treasury team is one of the units working hard to prepare for the big event.

The 25-strong Nalanda Johor Bahru team arrives at Nalanda Centre to help out with the event.

In the words of our Founder, what is most remarkable “… is not the fact that such a large Fair can be successfully held; but held in such harmony, unity, and selfless spirit! Thus, it has ceased to become just a worldly ‘Fun Fair’, but a true celebration of Dhamma-spirit and ‘samaggi’ instead.”  Thank you and well done to all volunteers!

Volunteers working late into the night putting up banners and buntings for the next day's big event.