The happiness of giving alms

Volunteers helping an elderly lady offer food.

Volunteers helping an elderly lady offer food and drinks to the venerable monk.

It was another much anticipated third Saturday of the month, when Nalanda’s educational ‘Pindacara’ programme took place in Seri Kembangan on 19 November.  As usual, throngs of devotees had prepared food to be offered to Sangha members on their alms-round at Jalan Besar market.

Nalandian officers welcoming the venerable monk at Seri Kembangan market.

Nalandian officers welcoming the sole venerable monk upon arrival at Seri Kembangan market.

Due to the on-going ‘Kathina’ celebrations back then, only one bhikkhu from the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple was able to come for alms-round that day.  Nevertheless, it did not dampen the joyful spirit of generous volunteers, devotees and market-goers.  The community’s enthusiasm was the result of consistent public education on the true objectives and means of supporting the Sangha.

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It is not the number of monks who came for alms which matters; what really matters in offering dāna is the absence of defilements from the mind and the presence of wholesome qualities within oneself.

We would like to thank the Seri Kembangan community for actively participating in this merit-making and educational programme monthly.  We also thank Nalanda volunteers for engaging with the public so heartily and effectively.  Sadhu anumodana!



The next alms-round will be held this Saturday, 3 December, at Taman O.U.G. and Happy Garden morning markets.  The alms-round begins at 8.30am.  Thereafter, there will be a Dhamma sharing and offerings at NEO Centre Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur. All are welcome!