The world is changing; but is it only now?

The world is changing; but is it only now?

Fragile are things which are conditioned and impermanent.

The term ‘new norm’ is the latest catchphrase around, as people come to terms with the need to turn our comfort zone inside out, to control the global Covid-19 pandemic.  You may know someone who said with a heavy sigh, “Life as we know it will never be the same, the world is changing…”.

Let’s reflect on this ‘intrusion’ to our lives by asking: “But when has the world stopped changing?”  Not so long ago, we lived in a time without the ability to communicate with others at the click of a button, we survived without hundreds of entertaining channels beaming 24 hours a day, and we were not glued to hand-held devices through which we see the world.

So why do we readily embrace some changes and shun others?  Most of us are conditioned to gravitate towards what we like and avoid the opposite.  The problem is that when we don’t get our way, we become mentally stressed, emotional distressed, and unhappy.  A better way to face inevitable change is to change or transform our mindset.

Acceptance, compassion and endurance allow us to face each changing moment calmly and respond maturely with compassion.  We must first know and accept that everything which is conditioned is impermanent.  We then consider those who are impacted, and either rejoice in their good fortune, or help alleviate those who are suffering ill fortune, in any way that we can.

Well-armed with a mindset devoid of ‘self’, we persevere with a sincere and peaceful mind.  With such an undertaking, we gradually become better people and can effect change for a better world.  Change happens every moment, choose wisely how you should face it.