The year’s first Pindacara at Happy Garden

The year’s first Pindacara at Happy Garden

This monthly programmes enables us to reach out the community for them to learn the value of generosity.

In the early morning of 7 January, the first Saturday of the new year, Nalanda volunteers & devotees gathered at the new NEO Centre in Happy Garden for the first session of the Pindacāra (monks on alms-round) programme.

Market-goers and stall vendors welcomed this opportunity to perform good deeds and were quick to prepare their offerings to support the Mahā Sangha.  As the interest of on-lookers were piqued, volunteers helped them to understand the meaning behind this act of giving so that they may participate with understanding and faith.

Early in the morning, volunteers and devotees gather for a wholesome morning.

Dhamma brothers walk respectfully behind the monk to provide their support.

Market-goers who are familiar with this programme patiently wait to support the Sangha.

The elderly are thankful to have this opportunity to give, at an easily accessible place.

Stall vendors also join in the offerings and rejoice in the act of generosity.

Volunteers engage the community to inform them of Dhamma programmes at NEO KL.

We wish to thank venerable sir, members of the public, devotees and volunteers for your continuous support and participation.  May this wholesome practice bring you joy, and lead you to progress in the spiritual path.  Sadhu anumodana !

Upon arriving at NEO KL, volunteers help venerable to clean his feet.

The service starts with offerings to the Three Jewels.

Venerable sir led the congregation in chanting.

With much joy, volunteers and devotees offer lunch dana to venerable sir.