Today is ‘Ajahn Chah Day’

Today is ‘Ajahn Chah Day’

Dhamma teacher of great merit and deep wisdom.

Nalanda pays tribute to this distinguished Dhamma teacher of great merit and deep wisdom.

17 June 2017 marks the 99th birth anniversary of the late Venerable Ajahn Chah of Thailand.   Nalandians humbly pays tribute to this great monk who was one of the most influential and revered Dhamma teachers of the modern era.  Thus, today is ‘Ajahn Chah Day’ at Nalanda.

Ajahn Chah was born in 1918 near Ubon Ratchathani in northeast Thailand, and became a bhikkhu when he came of age.  He lived a simple life of purity and seclusion, becoming a role model for Dhamma practitioners, and a personification of the ideal mendicant-monk.  The legacy of Ajahn Chah lives on today in the many well-practised monastic and lay followers he trained and educated with wisdom and compassion.


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