Traditional Procession held on ‘Nalanda Day’

Traditional Procession held on ‘Nalanda Day’

The Buddharupam is conveyed on a wooden sedan by 8 men as part of the procession.

A procession steep in tradition – the “Buddha Abhisekhara” – was held on Friday, 1 May (“Nalanda Day”) to celebrate the officiating ceremony of Nalanda Centre annex building.  The procession was led by members of the Māha Sangha, and participated by a thousand guests and devotees from all over Malaysia and Singapore.

Venerable Sangha members leading the thousand-strong congregation in the traditional procession.

Nalanda members customarily wore their brown ‘sarong’ with white top uniforms for the procession.  A Buddha statue from Nalanda Centre was placed on a wooden sedan and conveyed along the short procession route, accompanied by harmonious beats of drum and gongs, flags, parasols, and other paraphernalia.  This procession is unique to Sri Serdang and usually held in conjunction with Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ every May.

The procession begins and ends at Nalanda Centre - brightly lit in the background.

Part of the thousand-strong congregation passing Nalanda House in the background (to the left).

The colourful and stately procession was followed by stage performances by Nalanda Dharma School students and speeches by leaders of the Buddhist community.  It was a truly marvelous sight with everyone walking mindfully and gracefully, in deep reverence for the Three Jewels.  Sadhu anumodana!

The procession winds its way around the field at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.

It was an inspiring sight to witness the graceful and mindful actions of devotees going about the procession. Sadhu anumodana!