Treading the Noble Path

Treading the Noble Path

22 July 2012

Walking meditation with mindful movements and an observing mind

The main aim of Buddhist meditation is to purify the mind of unwholesome tendencies.  When the roots of greed, hatred and delusion are removed, the mind is freed from suffering.

Devotees came together on Service Sunday for a group meditation session.  A communal environment is conducive to our practice as we support each other to persevere with right effort and determination.  During sitting meditation, we observed our breathing.  With the inflow and outflow of our breath, we watched without any need to control it.  In fact, this can be done at any time in any place!

This is how we incorporate the Noble Eightfold Path in our daily lives.  With right understanding, we direct our thoughts, actions and speech towards the wholesome.  Be it sitting, walking, or any other activity, we can practise being in the present moment and develop mindfulness and concentration.  As we persist in our efforts with faith, wisdom and diligence, we gradually evolve and transform ourselves spiritually.