Turning hardwork into ‘heart-work’

Turning hardwork into ‘heart-work’

Any difficult and tiring task is made much easier when you have the support and care of good friends by your side.

On 18 September, 100 participants from the Dhamma-Living Camp for Young Adults spread out across Wisdom Park to render their service in cultivating and maintaining the campus grounds.  The youths worked hard in teams to plant trees, turf grass, and constructed a vegetable plot with positivity, harmony and a can-do spirit – not a furrowed brow was seen amidst the perspiration and weariness.  Even the intermittent rain did not dampen the spirit to keep going!

We share with you their joyous smiles and spirited teamwork.  Let us rejoice in their service to the community and camaraderie as part of their Dhamma learning journey.  For more photos, please click here. .

Everyone worked together and looked after one another as they planted mulberry shrubs.

Friendships cultivated here have grown even stronger as they worked together.

The team led by Bro. Vincent completed their task and rejoiced at the harmonious teamwork.

The tree planting team had a challenging service of planting trees on the slope, and faced it with teamwork and care.

Many had never planted a tree but they learned with openness and were grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the environment at Wisdom Park.

A team also did turfing which can be an arduous task without the help of friends.

This team mixed soil for use to plant vegetables and trees.

The youths enjoyed their time trudging in the mud to plant shrubs.