Venerable Ayyas’ visit to Nalanda Centre

Venerable Ayyas’ visit to Nalanda Centre

Venerables Ayya Aggavatī (left) and Ayya Cālā (second from left) received by Nalanda officers at Sumangala Room.

On Wednesday 29 October, Nalandian officers warmly welcomed Venerables Ayya Aggavatī  and Ayya Cālā to Nalanda Centre for a familiarization visit.  Ven. (Sayalay) Cālā, a Malaysian ordained in the Burmese tradition, and Ven. (Sayalay) Aggavatī, a Burmese nun, are both studying at the International Theravada University in Yangon.

The venerables were brought on a building tour by Sis. Nandini Tan.  They were visibly impressed with the functionality and aesthetic design of Nalanda Centre.  The venerables later met with Founder Bro. Tan, where they exchanged views on the educational aspects of Buddhism and matters of spiritual cultivation.

The venerables scrutinising the Pāli text in the Tipitaka Hall.

The venerables intend to start a Buddhist Library cum Visitors’ Information Centre in Myanmar, and to undertake translation work for the benefit of foreigners attending meditation retreats in Myanmar.  They requested for assistance from Nalanda in providing materials and other forms of support, which was promptly agreed by Bro Tan.  We thank the venerables for their visit, and wish them success in their noble endeavours.

The visitors were brought on a tour of Pustaka Nalanda - the library.

‘Sayalay’ is the Burmese honorific title for a female renunciate (nun).  The Pāli-language equivalent is ‘Ayya’.