Visit by Central Kedah Buddhist Association

Visit by Central Kedah Buddhist Association

Group photograph at Nalanda Centre, Level 1 Shrine Hall.

On Saturday 20 December, 18 members from Central Kedah Buddhist Association paid a visit to Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  They were warmly welcome and hosted by Director of Nalanda Centre, Sis. Nandini and Nalandian officers.  The group was brought on a tour of Nalanda Centre and Nalanda Youth Centre.  Our Kedahan visitors were impressed with the peaceful ambience and colourful design of the Youth Centre.

The group visit began with offerings to the Three Jewels, represented by Bro. Fong Kok Kee.

This visit has strengthened the friendship and bonding between Nalandians and our friends from Kedah.  We thank you for visiting Nalanda Centre and we look forward to seeing you again, soon.

A moment of joy during the building tour briefing by Nalanda officer, Sis. Joanne.