Visit by Maha Karuna Buddhist Society

Visit by Maha Karuna Buddhist Society

A group photograph of our MKBS friends and Nalanda officers in the Shrine Hall.

On Sunday 13 July, a bus-load of Maha Karuna Buddhist Society (MKBS) members and their Dhamma School students paid a learning-visit to Nalanda Centre.  The visitors arrived early in the morning and joined in the ‘Dhamma Day’ Service Sunday with pūja, chanting, and meditation.  Everyone felt happy listening to an insightful Dhamma talk by Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan, and thereafter performed Sanghika Dāna (lunch offering to monks).

Sis. Nandini explaining the ‘hidden meanings’ of the Buddha-altar to the visitors.


Our friends visiting the library and browsing through Nalanda publications in Sucinta Room.

Separately, the MKBS Dhamma School students joined Nalandian teenagers for programmes at Nalanda Dharma School.   Even younger children were treated to some fun activities specially planned for them by Nalandian youths at the Youth Centre.

Nalandian youth Sis. Chan Qi Hua having a special session with the younger children from MKBS Dhamma School.

Both MKBS and Nalanda Buddhist Society are fellow members of the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia.  This visit has further cemented our mutual understanding and solidarity in advancing the Buddhist cause.  Our visiting friends also generously donated to Nalanda’s Building Fund to help with our on-going expansion project.  We thank our MKBS brothers and sisters for your kind visit and support.  We look forward to receiving you again soon at Nalanda Centre.

A group photograph of the MKBS group in front of ‘Sala Pandita’ on Level 3 of Nalanda Centre.