YBAM Leaders visit Nalanda

3 October 2012

Nalanda welcomed a visit by national leaders of the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) on 3 October.  The delegation was warmly received by many Nalandian members present. As a token of appreciation, Bro. H S Tan presented Nalanda’s donation to YBAM for their efforts over the past 40 years to propagate the Dhamma in Malaysia, for which all Malaysian Buddhists should be grateful for.

In return, the President of YBAM Bro. Goh Qing Song, praised Nalanda for its contribution to Buddhist education in the country.  He said Nalanda was often cited as an exemplary organisation that is very focused in its work, and consistently delivers quality programmes that benefited the Buddhist community nationwide.

From left: Goh Qing Song (President, YBAM), Bro. H S Tan (Founder, Nalanda Buddhist Society), Chong Hung Wang (Past President, YBAM), Sek Chin Yong (Vice President, YBAM) and Sin Yew Sen (National Council Member, YBAM)