Visit by Ven. Kaixin and devotees

Bro. Tan explaining the history and function of 'Sala Pandita' at Level 3 of Nalanda Centre.

An old friend of Nalandians, Ven. Kaixin from Er Di Buddhist Centre, came to Nalanda on Wednesday 2 April for a visit.  Ven. Kaixin accompanied by 3 devotees met up with Bro. Tan for a lengthy talk on various issues ranging from Dhamma propagation, education, Buddhist traditions, and designing Buddhist centres.

The party later adjourned to Nalanda Book Café in Sri Petaling for a healthy organic vegan lunch.  We thank Ven. Kaixin and his devotees for their visit and kind encouragement. Sukhihontu.

Ven. Kaixin and his party were taken for a preview of the Youth Library, which will be launched on 1 May 2014.