Welcome ‘Home’ – Firefly Mission Singapore

Welcome ‘Home’ – Firefly Mission Singapore

A 'family portrait' - Nalanda Centre welcomed a ‘homecoming’ visit by 90 members of Firefly Mission and our Singaporean friends.

On Monday 27 October, 90 members of Firefly Mission and Singaporean devotees came to Nalanda Centre for a ‘homecoming’ visit.  Despite it being a working day, many Nalandians took time off to accord them a warm and fitting welcome!

We felt truly joyful to host our Singaporean friends at the Srivijaya Seminar Hall at Level 3.  The hall had been closed for more than 2 months for renovations, and Firefly Mission members were our first guests to be hosted there after its reopening just a day earlier!

Bro. Tan delivering an uplifting Dhamma talk to the congregation.

Everyone was delighted that Bro. Tan gave an uplifting Dhamma talk, where he taught that “cultivation is taking care of the process of doing something wholesome, and not just crave for desired results and to be obsessed with success”.

Sis. Sandy showing our friends the 'jewel' of Pustaka Nalanda - the complete set of "World Pāli Tipitakā" in Roman script.

Later, a tour was conducted for their ‘rediscovery’ of Nalanda Centre as several changes were made to the interior.  Nalandians and our friends had a wonderful time renewing our kinship and forming new ones during the interactive lunch break.  An air of ‘camaraderie in Dhamma’ was felt throughout the visit.  Firefly Mission Singapore was inspired by the educational work Nalanda is undertaking and was very supportive of the expansion project going on next door.

Bro. Charlie presenting Nalanda's small gift of Dhamma publications to Bro. Loo (right), the Singaporean 'chef-de-mission'.

Despite the heavy downpour, Nalandians formed an ‘umbrella pathway’ to shelter our friends to their buses.  Our guests left in high spirits, making promises that they will be back in May next year for the ‘opening’ of our newly-renovated Centre.  Thank you for visiting us, as well as for your kind wishes and wonderful support.  We certainly look forward to meeting all of you again, soon!

A warm send-off under the "umbrella pathway" to end the 'home-coming' visit.