Welcome to a Peaceful Wesak at Nalanda

Welcome to a Peaceful Wesak at Nalanda

A Truly ‘Green’ Heritage Procession at Nalanda

The Wesak Procession held annually in Sri Serdang by Nalanda Buddhist Society is a truly unique experience! It is the only procession in Malaysia where the Buddharupam (image) is paraded on a wooden sedan and carried by 12 men taking turns. There is also a second Buddharupam ferried on a bahtera (boat), pulled by devotees along the 1.3km procession route. Devotees cover the route in 2,600 mindful steps, marking the 2,600th Anniversary of Buddhism this year.

Besides the sedan and bahtera, there is an assortment of colourful parasols, figurines and flags on parade, which are borne by devotees in traditional Nalandian uniform of sarong and white tops. Students of Nalanda Dharma School will also put up a spirited ‘Naga Dance’, accompanied by the beats of drums, gong and cymbals. The sights and sounds of the Nalandian procession rich in heritage is truly something to behold. It is also an event much anticipated and photographed; in fact, the procession was even featured on a Sri Lankan television programme on Wesak celebrations!

The Nalandian Wesak Procession is considered one of the ‘greenest’. The sedan, bahtera and other procession paraphernalia are made of reusable-wood and recycled materials, and reassembled every year for the occasion. There are no fuming vehicles and costly flower-floats. The simplicity and ‘cleanliness’ of the procession is indeed refreshing!

We invite you to come with your family and friends, and join us in the Nalanda Wesak Heritage Procession on Wesak Day, 5 May, 7.30pm. Do come earlier for dinner as food will be served by generous donors at the Mass Food Offering starting at 6pm.

Happy Wesak and see you at Nalanda! Wishing all beings well and happy!

Nalanda Wesak Activities

Theme : “Being Well begins with Me!”

4 May, Friday, Wesak Eve

8.00 pm          Wesak Puja
8.45 pm          Dhamma Talk

5 May, Saturday, Wesak Day

(Programmes throughout the day)

7.00 am          Pindacara – Alms round by Sangha members
9.00 am          Wesak Buddha Puja
10.00 am        Dhamma Talk
11.15 am        Sanghika Dana – Lunch offering
1.00 pm         Documentary screening “Life of the Buddha” @ Pustaka Nalanda
6.00 pm         Mass Food Offering
7.30 pm         “Night of Peaceful Celebration

6 May, Sunday

(Programmes throughout the day)

7.00 am         Breakfast Dana
9.00 am         Buddha Puja
10.00 am       Dhamma Talk in Mandarin
11.15 am       Sanghika Dana – Lunch offering
1.00 pm         Documentary screening “Stress Reduction” by Jon Kabat-Zinn @ Pustaka Nalanda
2.00 pm         Closing Ceremony

Other Wesak Programmes

4 – 6 May         Buddha Jayanti Exhibition  “Path to Well-being” 10 am – 6 pm

5 May               Blood Donation Campaign 10 am – 5 pm

6 May               Health Screening 10 am – 5 pm

Wesak at NEO Centre in Happy Garden

Over at Nalanda Education & Outreach Centre in Happy Garden, Wesak will be observed on 5 May with the following programmes :

5 May, Saturday, Wesak Day

(NEO Centre is open from 8am to 4pm)

8.00 am         NEO Centre is open for offerings
9.00 am         Wesak Buddha Puja
10.00 am       Dhamma Talk
11.30 am       Lunch offering to devotees
1.00 pm         Documentary screening “Life of the Buddha”

Everyone is welcome to join us for the peaceful celebration!