Welcoming new volunteers at V.I.P

Welcoming new volunteers at V.I.P

Thank you to our organisers and all participants for your contribution to the VIP programme.

On Sunday 24 July, 44 new volunteers joined the Volunteer Induction Programme at Nalanda Centre, organised jointly by the Volunteer Centre and Training & Enhancement Centre.  Participants were warmly welcomed as they start their journey as a Buddhist volunteer and introduced to the Nalanda Eight Core Values and the Society’s Vision and Mission centered around holistic education.

To realise these opportunities, participants learned that volunteers’ support is crucial.  Every person’s indivudual contribution of time and effort collectively makes a much larger and positive impact on the community.  In the ensuing Q&A session, participants sought to clear misconceptions and gained a better understanding of Buddhist ethics and etiquette.

We thank the organisers and the participants for this fruitful learning session.  We wish you a fruitful journey as a volunteer as you access a learning platform through service.

Before the start of the programme, everyone took refuge in the Three Jewels and chanted the Five Precepts.

Bro. Tong started the training by providing an overview of Nalanda’s Vision and Mission.

Sis. Paru explained the difference between a Buddhist volunteer and a casual volunteer.

Sis. Nandini introduced the various areas of service at Nalanda, and emphasised on the spirit selfless service.

Participants also had group discussions and reflections.