Well done to youths at Family Fun Fair

Youths in high spirits after spending a whole day in selfless service.

Since 2015, Nalanda Youth Centre has been bringing together young Buddhists across Klang Valley under the ‘Youth Canopy’ at the annual Nalanda Family Fun Fair.  Over 100 youths joyfully participated at the Fun Fair on Sunday 28 July, including members from Buddhist Societies of International Medical University (IMU), Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Sungai Long, University of Nottingham Malaysia, and Sunway University.

This year, they are more innovative than ever before, with three initiatives for the benefit of the community and environment.  The Care Bag counter enabled shoppers to give to those less fortunate, whilst the Health Screening section saw many fair-goers registering to check basic health indicators.  Youths ramped up their ‘Go Green’ initiative through sorting and cleaning recyclable plastics and also heightening awareness on reducing single-use plastics.

Children of Bodhi Homecare were presented with ‘Care Bags’ at the Youth Canopy.

The Health Screening initiative was carried out by qualified medical officers.

Basic checks such as BMI, blood pressure and uric acid was carried.

Youthful volunteers cleaned recyclable plastics for further processing.

Sorting trash to identify recyclable items are critical to reduce waste.

Food and drinks were prepared under the guidance of culinary arts students.

We congratulate the youths for their laudable effort in supporting Nalanda’s educational mission, whilst providing a platform for the like-minded to network and foster fellowship for future collaborations. Well done!