Wesak Observance begins at Nalanda Centre

Pāli chanting led by Bro. Choong Li at Suvarnabhumi Shrine Hall, Nalanda Centre.

The 3-day Wesak Observance programme began in earnest at Nalanda Centre this morning. Since 7 am, devotees have been streaming into the centre in Sri Serdang.  The first official programme of the day was the morning Buddha-Pūja (offerings), meditation, and chanting, followed by a Dhamma Talk by Bro. Charlie Chia.

The Youth Section and Dharma School held separate activities at the same time at the Youth Centre and Nalanda House respectively, while the Junior Dharma School students went for a visit to Samadhi Vihāra in Shah Alam.  Two venerable monks from Sri Lanka arrived at Nalanda Centre at 10 am to participate in Nalanda’s programme for the next 3 days.  Lunch dāna was ceremoniously offered at 11.30am.

Nalanda volunteers engaging with blood donors this morning.

The Blood Donation Campaign which began at 10 am today saw a wonderful response, with more than 100 donors by lunch time and still counting.  The on-going ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition at Level 4 also received a steady stream of visitors, with facilitators and students on duty as tour guides.

We thank all our enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers who show such warm hospitality and grace as hosts to hundreds of visitors on Day 1.  It is truly a great start to Nalanda’s 2014 Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ programme! We expect more joyful visitors to come tomorrow evening (Wesak Eve) and on Wesak Day itself on 13 May.  All are welcome to Nalanda for a meaningful and spiritual Wesak!

Venerable A. Mahinda Thero giving the congregation some words of benediction.


An enjoyable "Musical Wesak" with National Service trainees at Nalanda Youth Centre this morning.