Wesak preparations in full swing

Nalanda Dhamma School students preparing for 'Wesak Day'.

Nalanda Dhamma School students doing their part in preparing for ‘Wesak Day’.

Over the past few weeks, Nalanda members and devotees have been busy preparing for the most important event of the Buddhist calendar – the ‘Vesakha’ Full-moon day, commonly known in Malaysia as ‘Wesak Day’.  Buddhists celebrate the Enlightenment of the Buddha on that occasion, which customarily falls on the first full-moon day in the month of May.

Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang and NEO Centre Johor Bahru will mark this auspicious ‘Buddha Day’ with 3 days of meaningful programmes, from 20 to 22 May 2016.  Meanwhile, NEO Centres in Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Petani will celebrate it on Saturday, 21 May only.

Coordinating volunteers at Nalanda Centre.

Sis. Joanne briefing volunteers who turned up to help on Sunday.

Cleaning and tidying up Nalanda Centre in time for Wesak.

Cleaning and tidying up Nalanda Centre in time for Wesak celebrations this month.

The theme for this year’s ‘Buddha Day’ is “A Life of Wisdom”.  The theme highlights the goal of Dhamma practice, which is for us to gain insightful wisdom and realise the truth of existence – ‘Anicca’ (impermanence), ‘Dukkha’ (unsatisfactoriness), and ‘Anatta’ (selflessness).

Volunteers enjoying a wholesome meal.

Besides working happily together, volunteers also get to enjoy wholesome lunch at the Centre.

We invite you to join earnest volunteers to joyfully prepare for the upcoming Wesak celebrations at Nalanda.  Join us on Sundays for an interesting morning of Dhamma learning and communal service; come share everyone’s enthusiasm and delight in welcoming ‘Buddha Day’!

Feeling delighted and enthusiastic with the coming of Wesak.

Devotees feeling delighted and enthusiastic with the coming of Wesak.

Nalanda youths practising their performance.

Nalanda youths practising their Wesak performance.