World Kindness Day

We also have a responsibility to teach our younger generations to be kind to others regardless of race or culture, through our own speech and actions.

Today, 13 November is World Kindness Day, an occasion for us to celebrate one of the most significant and unifying human principles.  This special celebration is devoted to the positive potential and ability of kindness to bring people together regardless of one’s ethnicity, religion or culture.

When we think, speak and act with good intentions, care and gentleness, the impact is not just felt by the people around us, but also likely to be replicated.  Whether human or animal, we all appreciate thoughtfulness and helpfulness because it opens up a connection that is simple yet heartfelt.

So, when was the last time you did a good deed or said something kind towards others?  Recollect them, rejoice in the goodness and take every opportunity to give sincerely, even if it’s a simple kind word.  The more we give, the happier and lighter we feel.  We wish everyone ‘Happy Kindness Day’!