Paying Homage to Buddha Relic

The Buddha Relic at Nalanda Centre will be displayed for worship for the first time ever this Wesak.

The Buddha Relic at Nalanda will be displayed to the public for the first time ever this Wesak.

For the first time ever, the public will get the opportunity to worship the Buddha Relic (Şaŗira) at Nalanda Centre on Wesak Eve (from 7pm on Tuesday, 9 May) and Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ (until 7pm on Wednesday, 10 May).

Real Buddha Relics are highly esteemed and revered by the faithful, as they are the corporeal remains of the Blessed One.  Many devotees experience a deep sense of joy, and are moved to tears by gratitude, when they think of the life of the Buddha as they worship His Relics.

Nalanda Centre welcomes all devotees to pay the highest homage to our Great Teacher the Buddha’s Relic.  Please come in appropriate dress – i.e. white tops covering both shoulders, and long pants or skirts, as this is customary when worshipping Buddha Relics.  You may also sit near to the Relic in silent meditation, or reflect on the Teachings of the Buddha.

Namo Buddhaya!