Young working adults learn together

Young working adults learn together

The second edition of ‘Happy Young Adults’ at Nalanda Book Cafe Community Centre.

Since 28 March, over 40 young adults have been meeting for the ‘Happy Young Adults’ programme every Tuesday at Nalanda Community Centre Sri Petaling, to develop a deeper understanding of how they can overcome challenges at the workplace.  Organised by Nalanda Youth Centre, participants have an average of 6 years work experience and are still charting their career paths whilst facing challenges which are new to them.

In this two-month programme, participants learn from seasoned corporate figures who are also Dhamma practitioners, about various teachings of the Buddha which help us to better cope and even thrive at the workplace.  By understanding and developing qualities such as patience, gratitude, and compassion in our attitudes, we can work well with others and turn any situation into a positive one.

We wish the participants fruitful and joyous learning with your peers.  With a better understanding of how we approach challenges, may you find more fulfilment and growth in your careers.

Bro. Disheng gave a warm welcome to all participants.

The 1st session started with ice-breaking activities.

Ice-breaking activities also encouraged them to support and cheer each other on.

Bro. Tan Siang Chye shares about well-being at work and in life.

Learning different perspectives and approaches enable us to see beyond our horizon.

‘Our mental attitudes are key to perceiving and overcoming challenges.’

Each participant received a note book with a reminder to reflect on their day.

Participants also have a short meditation sitting to calm their minds.

The second session was with Sis. Buddhini who talked about being unbusy in a busy world.

Our productivity is affected by our clarity of mind in delivering our duty.

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