Youth Centre hosts students from Universiti Malaya

Youth Centre hosts students from Universiti Malaya

A group photo with Sis. Nandini, who wished them well in their Dhamma practice.

On Sunday 8 January, the first Youth Sunday Service for 2023, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted 16 students from Persatuan Buddhist Universiti Malaya (PBUM) for a morning of Dhamma learning.  At the same time, the Youth Centre also welcomed graduates of Nalanda Dhamma School for their first Sunday service.

In the Dhamma sharing by youth leader Bro. Disheng, the group learned about how they can begin the year with gratitude as a progressive quality in life. By being aware of our feelings of discontent, we can skillfully put these aside and instead focus on the multitude of people that we have gratitude for and the progress we have made.

The Youth Sunday Service starts with meditation, offerings and chanting.

Bro. Kuan Yi welcomes PBUM and the graduates of Dhamma School.

Everyone participated in a fun ice-breaking session to get to know one another better.

Bro. Disheng spoke about gratitude, a value we can cultivate this festive season.

After a tour of Nalanda Centre, the group had a Dhamma chat with Sis. Nandini who advised them about the importance of having determination in our Dhamma practice and service.  We thank our friends from PBUM for visiting us and wish you a continued progress in your Dhamma learning.

The youths formed groups for sharing and discussions to reflect on things to be grateful for in life and exchanged ideas on how to further cultivate gratitude.

With hearts connected and new friendships formed, the group sang together hymns led by the spirited team, reflecting on the blessings in life to be grateful about.

PBUM representatives thanked the Youth Centre for the inspiring session.

The students went on a building tour to learn more about the symbolisms there.

We thank PBUM for visiting us and hope to see them again at Youth Centre.