“A Constitution for Living”

“A Constitution for Living”

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book title : A Constitution for Living : Buddhist Principles for a      Fruitful and Harmonious Life
Author : Ven. P. A. Payutto
Publisher : Inward Path, Penang
Topic : Concepts, Teachings and Practice



This book provides details on how to lead the ‘good life’ in society and particularly, in our social interaction with others.  Practical and applicable to here-and-now, the author provides a focused exposition on how to be a good person in general and a good Buddhist in particular.

The contents of this book are gleaned from the Pāli Tipitaka and Commentaries, the core references of Theravada Buddhism, which is lived and practised today in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.  The teachings are over 2,600 years old, but they are far from outdated.  The teachings contained in this book are based on timeless principles: compassion, goodwill, harmony, cooperation and wisdom.  To the modern skeptic, they may seem idealistic, but they are not impossible.  They can be put into practice.