A joyful Service Sunday and Wesak preparations

A joyful Service Sunday and Wesak preparations

Director of Nalanda Dharma School, Sis Sunanda sharing on the qualities of a good friend.

On 6 April, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre for the weekly Service Sunday and also to participate in the preparations for the upcoming Buddha Day Observance (or more commonly known as Wesak).

Director of Nalanda Dharma School, Sis. Sunanda Ong gave a short sharing on Nalanda’s Wesak Theme for B.E. 2558, “Being a Good Practitioner and Friend”.  “Being part of the Wesak preparation is an important part of the experience that helps us be ready to participate more fully on Wesak,” she added.  All devotees were encouraged to engage in this spiritual work with harmony, devotion, mindfulness and joy.

Volunteers making artwork with much mindfulness and care.

After the meaningful sharing, devotees were grouped into small teams to perform various tasks, and this was followed by a communal lunch at noon.  It was heartening to witness the unity and harmonious interactions among devotees, as everyone applied themselves to being a good practitioner and good friend.  The synergy generated in group participation contributes to a holistic and joyful approach to one’s spiritual life.  Sadhu anumodana.

Communal lunch together as everyone rejoiced over each other’s efforts and contributions for Wesak preparation.