A Parent’s Sharing on ‘Samaggi’ Day

A Parent’s Sharing on ‘Samaggi’ Day

Sis. Bee Poh sharing happily on her Nalanda experience.

On Sunday 25 January, it was heart-warming to hear from Sis. Bee Poh, who shared with us that she is happy to learn Dhamma with her three daughters at Nalanda.  Two daughters are with Nalanda Youth Centre and one is in Nalanda Dharma School.

She believes she still has much to learn, and with high spirits in learning the Dhamma, she continues diligently for gradual transformation.  “There is always something new to bring back every time I come to Nalanda,” said Sis. Bee Poh.

Saying thank you from the bottom of her heart!

Inspired by the commitment, care and support shown by the volunteers, Sis. Bee Poh is thankful for the opportunity and a platform to learn the Dhamma.  She gave a beautiful smile when she said, “Thank you, Nalanda!”