A respectful way of life

Venerable shared that our existence is due to our parents’ compassion. As such, we must have respect for them at every moment.

On Sunday 10 March, Nalanda was honoured to host Venerable N. Jinananda, the President of Buddhist Monks’ Council of Canada for a Dhamma talk.  Venerable shared that the teachings of the Buddha is based on respect for oneself and others.  After His Enlightenment, the Buddha gazed at the Bodhi tree out of gratitude, a teaching to us to bear respectful mindsets even for inanimate objects.

Venerable advised that all relationships become wholesome with respect and gratitude.  We should bear respect every single moment, to our parents, teachers, family and friends who helped us to become who we are today.  Venerable reminded us that the Dhamma teaches the application of kindness and compassion, hence we should aspire not only to keep the Five Precepts, but cultivate the positive side of each precept.  For example, when we abstain from killing living beings, we should also cultivate compassion and respect for all living beings.

We thank Venerable Jinananda for his clear and pragmatic Dhamma sharing.

Devotees had the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to Ven. Jinananda after the Dhamma talk.

Bro. Charlie explained to Ven. Jinananda about the objectives and plans of the Wisdom Park project.