A truly illuminating youth camp

A truly illuminating youth camp

Nalanda founder Bro. Tan conducted many teaching sessions to enlighten us on the Dhamma.

Nalanda Youth Centre’s “Dhamma Living Camp for Young Adults 2017”, with the theme “Ignite the Light Within”, concluded joyfully yesterday afternoon.  200 participants from all over Malaysia and even Singapore spent four days learning and experiencing the Dhamma together under the skilful guidance of Bro. Tan and a team of caring facilitators.

Quiet meditation with mindfulness is an important part of the camp programme.

There were morning and evening devotional chanting to anchor our daily routine.

Contemplating the purpose of food with flowing gratitude before meals.

There were many blissful moments listening to Dhamma teachings, chanting, and meditating.  There were also plenty of laughter and light-hearted moments with sketches, group activities and meaningful discussions.  The combination of all these little details gave rise to important insights into our minds and our lives – how they can be far better when the light of Dhamma is glowing within us.

There were meaningful activities during the camp such as preparing learning materials for the blind.

Participants often engage in small group discussions to share our learning experiences.

Presentation by a group at the elective workshop session on Day 3 of the camp.

Group members rejoicing with each other and spiritual friendship is born!

We thank everyone for participating actively in this amazing camp.  We also thank the organisers, volunteers, and benefactors for your selfless contributions.  Thank you all for the high spirits and great friendship.  Let us continue to maintain the light we have ignited within our hearts and minds – let it grow, and let it glow!

From drama to Dhamma!  Creative sketches presented by super-groups on Day 3.

A letter to me”.  Quiet evening of self-reflection in one’s journey through life.

The finale – everyone came together to celebrate the learning of Dhamma and the ignition of wisdom in our lives!