Ajahn Achalo visits Wisdom Park

Ajahn Achalo visits Wisdom Park

Ajahn Achalo and devotees at the Management Centre in Wisdom Park.

On Friday 12 May, Nalanda members and volunteers were honoured to host Ven. Ajahn Achalo, Abbot of Anandagiri Forest Monastery, Wisdom Park.  In his maiden visit to the educational facility dedicated to developing Buddhist leaders and training Dhamma teachers, Ajahn was delighted by the simple and functional facility built that draws parallels to the forest monastery he has set up in Phetchabun, Thailand.

Recognising the efforts to build and maintain these facilities, Ajahn advised that each of us have a role to play.  Every such role including programme planning, administrative, cleaning, cooking and maintenance is important and no less equal in comparison.  It is important for us to press on with our mission and work together well.

Sis Nandinī Tan welcoming Ajahn on his maiden visit to Wisdom Park.

Bro. Charlie introducing the facilities to Ajahn.

Dr. Chen explained about the trees planted at Liberation Park.

Ajahn listening attentively to Dr. Chen’s explanation on a particular plant species.

At the gates of the Liberation Park.

Group photo at the Waterfall Pavilion.

We thank Ajahn Achalo for his kind encouragement and advise, and humbly invite Ajahn to visit us again when he is in Malaysia.  We wish Ajahn good health, peace and success in his endeavours.