Alms-round in Sri Petaling and Happy Garden

Alms-round in Sri Petaling and Happy Garden

Venerable monks from Sentul Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple accepting alms-food offering from devotees.

On Saturday 4 April, the monthly educational ‘Pindacāra’ Programme at Sri Petaling and Happy Garden markets was held with three venerable Sangha members going on alms-round.  Nalanda Founder, Bro. Tan, volunteers and devotees participated joyfully in offering food to the Sangha members.

After the alms-round, Director of Nalanda Dharma School, Sis. Sunanda gave a lively Dhamma sharing on the five duties of a good student towards the teacher.  She quoted from the ‘Sigalovada Sutta’ and elaborated that a dutiful student rises from the seat in salutation on seeing the teacher; attends on the teacher; performs  personal service; with eagerness to learn; and pays respectful attention while receiving instructions.

Sis. Sunanda Ong giving a Dhamma talk at NEO Centre after the alms-round.

Devotees were delighted with the interesting sharing by Sis. Sunanda.  Lunch dāna was served to the Sangha members after the sharing.

We thank the venerable monks from Sentul Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, volunteers and devotees for your support and participation in this meaningful programme.  May the merits accrued be shared with all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!

Serving lunch dāna to the venerable Sangha members after the Dhamma talk.