Ayya Susīla visits Nalanda Centre

Ayya Susīla visits Nalanda Centre


Group photograph of Ayya Susīla with Nalandians at Level 1, Reception Hall.

On Sunday 6 September, Nalanda Centre welcomed the visit by venerable Ayya Susīla, the Founder of Appamāda Viharī Meditation Centre in Penang.  Ayya who was on a short trip to Kuala Lumpur specially made time to visit the recently-completed Nalanda annex building, accompanied by some of her devotees.


Director of Nalanda Centre Sis. Nandini and other Nalandians welcoming Ayya Susīla.

Ayya Susīla and her devotees were warmly welcomed by Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn, Director of Nalanda Centre Sis. Nandini, and other Nalandian officers.  The visitors were brought around for a meaningful building tour.  Ayya Susīla was delighted by the informative tour and the intricate details put into the interior design of the building.


Building tour at the annex building, Level 2.

Upon invitation by Nalanda, Ayya Susīla gladly accepted our request for her to give Dhamma talks at the Centre while she is in Kuala Lumpur.  We thank Ayya Susīla and her devotees for visiting Nalanda Centre, and we wish Ayya the best in her noble endeavours.  Sadhu!


The free books distribution counter at Level 1 captured our visitors’ attention.