Mesmerising Tour to Borobudur

Mesmerising Tour to Borobudur

A wondrous sunrise at Borobudur, on 19 September, Full-moon Uposatha Day.

43 devotees departed for Jogjakarta, Indonesia, on 18 September with keenness and great anticipation.  Under Bro. Tan’s adept guidance and care, the 5-day study tour was truly informative and inspiring as we visited and paid homage at magnificent Buddhist monuments in the region. We also met with local Buddhist communities and had uplifting exchanges in the Dhamma.

Nalandians visit the 8th Century CE Candi Mendut in Magelang, Central Java.

From the majestic volcanoes of Merapi and Merbabu to the North, to the vast Indian Ocean and Parangtritis Beach to the South, we were awestruck by the natural beauty and harmony of this Special Region of Jogjakarta.  Coincidentally, this study tour group was evenly distributed with approximately 14 participants each from Kedah, Selangor and Johor-Singapore.  From North to South, it was indeed a trip of friendship and bonding as we took the opportunity to get to know everyone better!

Participants were guided through many monuments and also visited local Buddhist communities.

With deepest gratitude to Bro. Tan, we would like to thank him for the astonishingly detailed narrative and commentary, his warmth, friendly wit and humour intertwined throughout the study tour, and his energetic spirit and ardour in propagating the Dhamma.  We are all greatly motivated and happy to have met so many “kalyanamitta” (spiritual friends) on this trip!  Thank you!