Bhāvanā Day with Ayya Susīla

Bhāvanā Day with Ayya Susīla

Devotees listening to Ayya Susila's teaching with great interest and attentiveness.

On 1 December, Ayya Susīla led the Bhāvanā Day (one-day meditation retreat) at Nalanda Centre.  After the morning Pūja, Ayya Susīla delivered a profound and inspiring Dhamma talk themed “Returning to the Purity of Mind”.  Ayya shared that one should not just focus on having clarity of mind, but also its purity through the cultivation of morality and wisdom.

Devotees participating in the sitting meditation session.

Devotees, both beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, joined the one-day sitting and walking meditation session with adept guidance from Ayya Susīla, who learned from the renowned Pa Auk Sayadaw.

The active Q&A session to clarify and enhance participants' understanding on meditation practice.

The Bhāvanā Day ended with a Question & Answer session in the evening, in which devotees took the opportunity to clarify and enhance their understanding on the practice of meditation.  It was indeed an insightful day for the participants; may they continue to progress in their meditation practice daily!