BPS402 – Examination Day!

BPS402 – Examination Day!

Students, Institute tutor and officers in a group photograph to record these five memorable months of Dhamma-learning together. Thank you and sadhu!

Since the BPS402 Higher Certificate in Buddhist Studies Course started in early July, students had been diligently attending lectures and completing their personal and group assignments.  On Saturday 22 November, they were ready to sit for the course examination at Nalanda Centre.  Students came early to prepare themselves and settled in with a short meditation session to calm their minds.  Tutor Bro. Ananda Fong was present to offer some words of encouragement.

Tutor Bro. Ananda Fong opening the sealed envelope containing the examination questions.

After the two-hour written examination, students gathered for sharing and fellowship.  Participants expressed gratitude to Nalanda Institute lecturers, officers and volunteers for the conducive learning environment, their dedicated service and support to make Dhamma-learning so fruitful.  Thank you and sadhu!

Thinking and recollecting what was learnt over five months of lessons.